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Assessments and Readings


Alison offers personal consultations by appointment at the AllisOne HQ in Claremont

  • Tissue Salts Bio-energetic and Facial Analysis Assessments
  • Aura-Soma Colour Readings
  • Astrological Services

Telephonic or Skype appointments are also available on request.

Why have a Tissue Salts Consultation?

Supplementing with tissue salts helps to maintain personal health and well-being, regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with anything carrying the label of disease.

Alison's clients range from newborn babies through to octogenerians, and everyone inbetween. Some have health challenges they are seeking to address, others simply wish to manage stress and ageing. Most of Alison's clients are regular healthy people who like to stay that way, and like to keep their families healthy too.

Seeing your true colours shining through

Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive colour system of great beauty that offers the opportunity for awareness and transformation. It invites you to work from the deeper level of your being, empowering you to help yourself, bringing insight and awareness into your everyday life through the medium of colour. Aura-Soma is especially suited for those interested in developing themselves or in coming to a new focus in their life.

Aura-Soma is not a therapy in the traditional sense since it makes no claims to heal medical conditions; what it does do is address the whole question of what lies behind 'dis-ease' and supports you to come to a greater ease within yourself.

The word 'Astrology' is derived from the words 'astro' meaning star, and 'logos' meaning wisdom. It is an ancient wisdom system that arose from the marking of time, observing the seasons, the positions and movements of the sun, moon and the planets, the eclipses and tides. Astrologers were the 'wise men' referred to in ancient and biblical texts who understood and translated these complex cycles.

Rather than being a pseudoscience, a divination or a belief system, Astrology is a precise art that involves practical techniques that work - providing that the complex rules are followed and the information about time and place is accurate to begin with. Birth marks the start of a life cycle, and within that are many cycles that astrology describes, showing the ups and downs along the way. Despite the fact that no-one knows why this works, it is an incredible delight to see oneself reflected in a chart and described so precisesly. It is also a serious responsibility for the astrologer to understand the language to decode the story, and a privilege to share the client's journey in this way.

Rejuvenating the bio-energetic field is a holistic wellbeing and integrative health concept, comprising of non-intrusive, complementary, natural modalities in order to optimize health and experience a better quality of life. The modalities we employ are de-stressing, rejuvenating and self-empowering. They have an effect on the human electromagnetic field, harmonizing the resonant frequencies in the energy field and the cells, thus facilitating the healthy flow of energy in the human body. Each modality is independent and significant in its own right, having its own area of focus and effect, yet can be employed interdependently with one another.