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AllisOne Calc Fluor Tissue Salts

Skin, Ligaments and Teeth

Helpful for any flaccid condition, Calc Fluor maintains and restores the elasticity of the connective tissues including the skin, the circulatory, musculo-skeletal and digestive systems, and strengthens tooth enamel. It is a useful toning conditioner to use when gaining in weight and size, such as in pregnancy, or whilst undertaking a sensible weight loss program.

Facial Analysis Signatures:

  • Oblique or vertical wrinkling at the inner corner of the eye or upper eyelid
  • Sometimes with a reddish-brown colouring of the skin.

Biochemic Mode of Action:

Keeping the connective tissues of the body flexible and supple, Calc Fluor is slow in action and usually needs replacement over a longer period of time. A deficiency of Calc Fluor may lead to the dilatation or relaxed condition of the fibres and tissues of the body. As we age, tissue elasticity also reduces; this results in sagging and hardening of the skin and other tissues or organs.

All women should use Calc Fluor during their menstrual cycle and for strengthening the tissues that may lose their elastic condition and become flaccid during and after pregnancy.

In dental care, Calc Fluor is a safe mineral supplement for children to strengthen tooth enamel, particularly since AllisOne tissue salts are sugar-free. Unlike the sodium fluoride used in fluoridated water and dental products, these mineral energies have no toxic side-effects.

Calc Fluor is indicated to assist

  • Stretch marks
  • Weak tooth enamel prone to dental caries
  • In the prevention and reduction of stretch marks
  • Strained tendons and ligaments
  • Chapped, cracked or hardened skin
  • Poor circulation
  • Varicose veins
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Constipation where there is a loss of elasticity in the colon
  • Flaccid or prolapsed tissues

Please note that in some European countries, D12 homoeopathic potency Calc Fluor is used routinely and may thus have specific homoepathic contra-indications; these do not apply to our biochemic nanomineral formulations.

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