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by Suzanne Ellis and edited by Monica Fairall
Published by the Health Products Association of South Africa: HPASA HEADLINES Edition #18: June 2009

TISSUE salts were formulated way back in the 1870s by Dr W.H. Schuessler. Now, more than 120 years later, a Cape Town based natural health practitioner has taken them to a new level.

Radiographer Alison Effting became enamoured with Biochemic Tissue Salts when, in 1993, they were a healing catalyst for a personal health crisis that had not responded to conventional treatment. “It seemed too simple that supplementation with these fundamental mineral energies could make such a difference to my health,” Effting reflects. "Given that I was allopathically trained, this came as a huge revelation to me.”

She went on to study the Schuessler Biochemic System of Health that's based on his view that 12 tissue salts are the basic minerals essential to life. Following her subsequent training as an Aura-Soma colour consultant and teacher, Effting began exploring the colour resonance of tissue salts and finally developed a link between the two therapies.

In 2002, her international associates became interested in the project and asked to distribute her tissue salts. This culminated in the creation of AllisOne Products. AllisOne Colour-Astro Biochemic Tissue Salts are now manufactured in Cape Town to Effting’s formulation. “They are lactose free and larger in size, so a maintenance dose is a one daily tablet rather than multiple doses. They are manufactured under stringent energetic protocols so that they achieve a biochemic rather than homoeopathic effect. They also have a balancing effect on the bio-energetic field,” says Effting.

She believes that tissue salts are vital supplements for health and well-being. “They are minerals in an energy form, held in a suitable base and released into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes when dissolved in the mouth. They thus become available to cells and tissues in a very short time and are not dependent on digestive processes to release the beneficial nutrients,” she says.

As well as being the CEO of AllisOne Products, Effting founded the Biochemic Institute of South Africa and chairs the Association of Aura-Soma Practitioners of Southern Africa. She has served on the executive of COCHASA (Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa) for the past eight years.

Her innovative tissue salts have been available overseas under the Aura-Soma label since 2005. They were introduced locally at last year's Natural & Organics expo and will be in Johannesburg with agents, Absolute Organix, at this month's expo. They are available at some health shops, from selected practitioners and can also be purchased from the AllisOne online shop.