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COVID-19 Lockdown in South Africa

Orders are open, but deliveries are paused from 26 March - 16 April 2020

In light of the President of South Africa's declaration of a 21-day National Lockdown due to the international COVID-19 pandemic's impact on our country, we will be closed from Thursday 26 March at 16h00, and reopen at 09h00 on Thursday 16 April 2020, providing there is no extension to this. We believe this to be in the best interests of safeguarding our staff and contributing to the national effort of curbing the spread of the virus.

Our usual delivery services are unavailable, and we regret that we'll be unable to fulfil any online orders placed during this period.  We will despatch orders and respond to any emails or forum queries when we return to the office after the lockdown. We hope that you'll be able to access our products at one of our stockists such as pharmacies or health shops who manage to remain open during this time. 

Thank you for your support, understanding and patience in this regard. Be safe - we wish you and your loved ones the best of health during this challenging time.

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Aura Soma Heart Rescue: Blue|Green 25ml

Availability: Pre-Order

Price: R480.00

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Relationships & Emotions

Associated with the Heart Chakra. Relates to:

  • The emotional side of life
  • A love of nature

Can help with:

  • Communicating feelings in a peaceful way
  • Denying feelings or expressing those feelings
  • Making space for one's needs
  • Decision making

To release Equilibrium's energies, shake the bottle vigorously with your left hand until the two liquid fractions mix. Pour some of the liquid into your palm and rub it on your skin in a complete band around the body at the level of the heart, or anywhere that you are drawn to do so. For external use only.

Penny on 02-02-2019 11:49 AM
You did mention that feedback from customers is welcome, so I thought I would let you know that my last order of Heart Rescue and Olive Pomander for my elder son has helped him so much.

It is interesting to me that the Aura-Soma works in such a subtle way but in his case, it has helped him to share the issues that are concerning him with my husband and me, and so we are better able to try to offer him some guidance. He looks better, the worried frown has gone, and he is looking forward and evaluating options for his future and not just sitting at the crossroad. Instead of him being so quiet, we have had some very good discussions.

After 20+ years of always coming back to Aura Soma for these sort of times, I am just so glad that I can still buy it. I'm sure I will be in touch again.
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